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TitleCasa Grande Ruins Lecture Series: The Ancient Hohokam Ballgame of Arizona
Place nameCasa Grande Ruins National Monument
Date startFeb 14 2018 12:00pm (308 Days Ago)
Date endFeb 14 2018 02:00pm (308 Days Ago)

The Ancient Hohokam Ballgame of Arizona

February 14, 2018

The ancient Hohokam culture of Arizona constructed at least 200 ball courts more than 800 years ago. These oval depressions were likely used to play a ball game that originated in southern Mexico, where the game was played with a rubber ball and had a very important role in reenacting the creation of humans in this world. This presentation will describe the recorded Hohokam ball courts located within Hohokam villages scattered throughout Arizona, summarize what archaeologists propose they were used for, and discuss how these public structures may relate to what is known about the Mexican rubber ball games, which are still played today.

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