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About Coolidge

History of Coolidge

June 17, 1880 Richard James Jones was born in a little village called Llanyssul in the southern part of Wales. Jones grew up and obtained his education in the small community of Wales. Jones loved to sing. His life long hobbies were fishing and hunting. All during his youth Jones harbored a dream of immigrating to America, but circumstances kept him from realizing this dream until 1904 at the age of 24. It took him six years to work his way to Arizona. Upon his arrival in Arizona, he settled in Phoenix where he established the first battery shop known as Battery and Ignition Shop. He operated this until 1927 and then sold it.


In 1918 Jones married Alma Myrtle Wiggs. Myrtle was born in Rosendale, Missouri in 1883. Myrtle had graduated from Kansas State in Emporia, Kansas with a diploma for teaching. In the early 1900 she traveled to California and then went to Phoenix. At that time Roosevelt Dam was under construction and there was a great need for teachers. She lived in a tent and the schoolhouse was a portable tent. She taught the children of all the engineers and construction workers. After the dam was completed, she moved back to Phoenix met Jones and was married.


In 1924 several things started to happen in the Gila Valley where Jones had purchased the land. The Southern Pacific Railroad built a new main line through the area. The complication of Coolidge Dam insured adequate wa

ter for irrigation and with the rich soil it would be good farming. Jones then realized the strategic location of this land between two principal cities, Phoenix and Tucson. Jones went promptly and vigorously to work, with the purpose in mind to build a city on their land where the railroad crossed.

In May and June 1925, Jones plotted half of his acreage into the original town site and then decided to name it Coolidge in honor of then President Calvin Coolidge whose signature had made the development of the entire area a reality. Jones then laid out the remaining 80 acres as the Jones addition to the town site. Jones built numerous buildings. They took up residence in the town in 1927. Mr. And Mrs. Jones kept an abiding interest in the cultural and moral development. They donated land for religious, education, and fraternal institutions. Jones established the water system, provided the original power plant, and electrical distribution system for the town, which he sold in 1929 to Arizona Edison Co. With the building of banks, ice plant, newspaper, school, ect, the town became well integrated and within five yours had grown to 1000.



Jones was a moving force in establishing the chamber of commerce. Myrtle became very active in organizing social and civic affairs to make Coolidge a good community for early settlers. She organized the building of the women club active in PEO, and helped build the library.


Richard Jones died in May 17, 1941.


Area Mileage (mi. from Coolidge)
Grand Canyon 183
Phoenix 55
Tucson 60
Bisbee 65
Florence 10
Casa Grande 20
Flagstaff 199
Biosphere (Oracle) 43
Tombstone 135
Wickenburg 116
Yuma 165
Mexico (Nogales) 170
Bullhead City/Laughlin 278


Median Household Income $40,529
Total Sales Tac for Coolidge 9.7%
City Property Tax 1.5056%
City Sales Tax 3.00%
Pinal County Sales Tax 1.1%
Arizona Sales Tax 5.60%
City of Coolidge Population (2010Census) 11,825
Pinal County Population (2010 Census) 375,770
State of Arizona Population (2010 Census)


Average Temperature Hi Low
Spring 85 49
Summer 104 71
Autumn 88 54
Winter 66 54

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