Chamber Programs

Customer Service Award

The purpose of the program is to recognize an individual’s outstanding customer service, as well as the business the individual represents. On a quarterly basis, the Chamber will coordinate with the business to award the honor. The recipient will receive a plaque to display at their represented business and = the recipient will be featured in the Chamber’s monthly newsletter. To nominate someone please fill out the form below.

Shop Local

Shopping locally creates a multiplier effect, which creates a lasting impact on the prosperity of local organizations and residents.

  • Build Community
  • Strengthen your local economy
  • Shape our character in Coolidge
  • Buy it where you try it
  • Lower taxes
  • Create jobs and opportunities
  • City wide improvements

 How to earn a Ticket

  • Shop at local retail brick and mortar stores in Coolidge.
  • Turn in your retail receipts dated between the previous and upcoming event to the Coolidge Chamber Office or at the event.
  • For every 5 receipts turned in you will receive one ticket.
  • A Shop Local booth will be set up at different locations every quarter. (follow us on Facebook @Shop Coolidge for dates and locations)
  • Get an extra ticket just for showing up at the booth.
  • The drawing will be held throughout the event at the booth. (you do not have to be present to win)
  • Special discounts may be available at participating businesses.
  • You also get a special ticket for a chance to win $50 cash if you show up at the booth.
Shop Coolidge Event
You can be entered in to win $50 cash just for showing up at a shop local event!

Want to become a Shop Coolidge Participant?
Here are some of the benefits:

  • You will have access to the Shop Local logo to use on your social media or any marketing material.
  • You will have access to data from the Shop Local Program collected.
  • You will develop a great network with other business owners.
  • You will get more exposure about your goods & services.
  • You will be able to set up at all Shop Local events or just have brochures or coupons at the location.
  • We will be developing a Facebook presence where you will be able to advertise your events goods & services.