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Welcome to the Chamber!

Welcome to the Coolidge Chamber of Commerce

Home of the Casa Grande Ruins

We have moved to our new location at the Artisan Village of Coolidge!

351 N. Arizona Blvd

(Northeast Corner of Arizona Blvd and Pima Ave)


The Coolidge Chamber of Commerce was established on September 2nd, 1959 and is the driving force for business and economic development within the City. The Chamber is ever ready to promote local businesses, the interests of the Community or to receive the many tourists that visit the City. Stop by anytime to see what is happening in and around the fine City of Coolidge or see what the Chamber can do for your business.


Together we can make a difference!

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City of Coolidge


Coolidge had its beginnings 80 years ago when R.J. Jones, a businessman in Phoenix, purchased 160 acres of land which he subdivided and platted. The first subdividion was filled on June 1, 1925 a seconded subdivision was recorded on September 6, 1927. In 1920, Clement Seagoe purchased 160 acres from E.A. Rose bordering and south of Florence-Casa Grande Highway (Coolidge Ave.). Mr. Seagoe farmed, but was intrested in the development of the Coolidge Dam and a proposed railroad. On June 2, 1925, he filed his subdivision papers for the area known as Seagoe Addition.

Mr. Jones, in 1925, laid out an 80 acre area as a town site upon which Coolidge was founded. He and Mrs. Alma Jones had lived and wed in Phoenix. They were persuasive in urging Clement Seagoe to donate land for the town site and in the naming of the town. Coolidge was incorporated Sepember, 1945.

Flirst Happenings in Coolidge

First Family to live on the Townsite: Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Nutt and daughter Jessie, August 1925

First Church: Presbyterian, called Community Church, dedicated March 7, 1926. Rev. J.W. Henderson, first pastor.

First Postmistress: Mrs. W.E. Nutt 1926

First Child born in Coolidge: Joe Calvin Bond, May 27, 1926

First School: Fall, 1926, Main and Central

First Teacher: Miss Edna Mae Wilson

The American Legion was organized in 1929 and the Auxiliary on 4/14/1930. A.J. Germaine was the first Commander and Mrs. L.S. Craig was the first president of the Auxiliary. The first Lions Club was organized in March 1929. Other civic organizations were as follows: Pima Masonic Lodge, Feb. 1930. Mr. Jones donated the site for the Masonic Temple erected in 1930; the Coolidge civic club (Chamber of Commerce) was organized May 12, 1933. The first Coolidge Examiner newspaper printed in Coolidge by Ted Healy on March 7, 1930 and owned by R.J. Jones. A real depot replaced a box car on Feb. 1, 1931 by the Southern Pacific Railroad.

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