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How much water does Coolidge and its residents use?

Coolidge residents use an average of about 93 gallons per person per day. The whole city used about 1911.95-acre feet of water, or 623,211,000 gallons of water in 2020.

Why do we need conservation if the water use is already below state averages in Coolidge?

Although there is already a strong water conservation ethic in Coolidge, there is always more that can be done. This campaign, however, does not put all the responsibility on the residents of Coolidge. We will work with commercial water users, as well as schools and the city to make sure that everyone is doing their part to conserve and make sure that Every Drop Counts.

Will Arizona Water Company be attending any events in the community?

Arizona Water Company will have a booth at upcoming community events like the 2021 Coolidge GAIN night, and many more! Follow the EveryDropCounts page to get updates on when we will be in the community and stop by to talk to our dedicated staff at the booths! We promise to have fun giveaways!

How does the Pinal Valley Recharge Project in Coolidge help with responsible water management for the Pinal Active Management Area?

Arizona Water Company owns and operates a recharge project it constructed in southeastern Coolidge where the Central Arizona Project (CAP) delivers Colorado River water to replace the water taken from the ground. This is something unique to Arizona Water Company’s Pinal Valley water system. In a recharge project, water is placed in a specific area and let it slowly percolate, or seep into, the ground. The purpose of a recharge project is to slowly replenish the groundwater aquifer replacing the water pulled out through pumping groundwater wells. This project is one of many ways that Arizona Water Company works to responsibly manage water in Coolidge and elsewhere in Pinal County so we can ensure there is ample water for years to come!

What sources of water are used in Coolidge?

There are three sources of water being used in Coolidge:  groundwater, CAP water and effluent.  Arizona Water Company recharges its CAP water in its nearby recharge project and also offsets groundwater pumping at the Hohokom Irrigation and Drainage District (HIDD). After the CAP water is recharged, Arizona Water Company recovers it along with groundwater from production wells located in Coolidge.  The City treats its waste water and reuses that water in nearby farms.

What does it mean to have hard water?

Hard water is water that has a high mineral content, specifically in calcium and magnesium ions. The higher the concentration, the “harder” the water. This high concentration of minerals depends on where you live and where the water comes from, but generally groundwater is harder than surface water. Arizona Water company uses 100% groundwater for the City of Coolidge as well as all the rest of the Pinal Valley water system, therefore, the water is naturally hard.

The tap water in Arizona tastes different than other places in the US. Is the water provided by Arizona Water Company safe to drink?

Taste and odor are not included in Primary drinking water standards and are secondary constituents. Water in this region has higher hardness levels naturally, which contributes to the taste difference. Arizona Water Company incorporates some of the most advanced water treatment processes available to treat the water to ensure it is safe to drink. After treatment, the tap water complies or surpasses all regulatory requirements.

How does Arizona Water Company ensure that the tap water is safe to drink?

Over 4400 tests and measurements are performed each year throughout the treatment and distribution systems in Pinal Valley and samples are analyzed using state of the art equipment and certified laboratories. Arizona Water Company submits this data throughout the year to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to ensure we comply and exceed our compliance responsibilities. ADEQ then provides the data to the Environmental Protection Agency. To date, we are in compliance with all regulations.

How do we know there is enough water to serve future development?

Before new developments can get approved by the city to be built, the developers must secure an Assured Water Supply (AWS). The AWS Program is a consumer protection program administered by the Arizona Department of Water Resources that ensures new subdivisions have a secure supply of water with adequate quality for at least 100 years. Currently, there are approximately 13,000 vacant lots with AWS determinations in Coolidge which is sufficient to meet the projected development in Coolidge for the foreseeable future. Through the Every Drop Counts Campaign, we are asking all residents and businesses to use water efficiently. Future development, however, is also required to bring renewable water supplies in addition to using those supplies efficiently.

Do we rely on groundwater and what does that mean?

Water demands are met by three sources in Coolidge: groundwater, Central Arizona Project (CAP) water and reclaimed water. The largest portion of the supply is groundwater. While CAP water and reclaimed water are also used, they are stored underground and pumped from wells along with groundwater. It is important to have a balance of water supplies available to meet water demands. Groundwater is a very reliable supply as it is not typically subject to drought or shortage the way a surface water supply like CAP water is. But groundwater is also not considered a renewable water supply that replenishes itself each year. Still there are vast aquifers in our area with a substantial amount of groundwater. New modeling studies prepared by Arizona Water Company show there is ample groundwater in local aquifers to meet demands for 100 years in the Coolidge area.

How Can You Help?

The goal of this campaign is to help Coolidge continue to be a strong and resilient community in Arizona.  Conserving water today, no matter how big or small, will secure the future of water for Coolidge for generations to come. Follow the Every Drop Counts campaign on Facebook to get water conservation tips, learn about conservation resources available to you, and see what your neighbors are doing to conserve. If we all do our part, the community can benefit a lot!

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